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宝盈娱乐代理 - 每日新闻播报(July 19)

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宝盈娱乐代理 - 每日新闻播报(July 19)

宝盈娱乐代理,ceo of lvmh, bernard arnault [photo/ic]

>arnault, 2nd richest person lv老板成全球第2大富豪

bill gates is no longer the world's second-richest person. that title now belongs to french billionaire bernard arnault. arnault, the ceo of luxury goods maker lvmh, overtook gates tuesday on the bloomberg billionaires index. it's the first time since the index was created seven years ago that gates has dropped out of the top two. 微软公司创始人比尔•盖茨不再是世界第二大富豪,如今这一头衔已归法国亿万富翁、奢侈品制造商lvmh首席执行官伯纳德•阿诺特所有。16日,阿诺特在彭博亿万富翁指数中的排名超过了盖茨,这是该指数发榜7年来盖茨的排名首次跌出前两位。

arnault has a net worth of around $108 billion, according to the index, having added $39 billion to his fortune in the past year. arnault's fortune is worth more than 3% of france's economy as chinese consumers' appetite for louis vuitton handbags and hennessy cognac has bolstered results for lvmh. 根据彭博亿万富翁指数,阿诺特的净资产约为1080亿美元,相当于法国经济规模的3%以上,在过去一年里,其财富增长了390亿美元。中国消费者对路易威登手提包和轩尼诗白兰地酒的热衷推高了lvmh的业绩。

microsoft founder gates is worth $107 billion. 盖茨目前的身家为1070亿美元。

according to bloomberg, gates would still rank first if not for his philanthropic giving. 彭博社称,要不是因为慈善捐款,盖茨仍应排名第一。

the software guru has so far donated over $35 billion to the bill & melinda gates foundation. 截至目前,这位软件大亨向比尔和梅林达•盖茨基金会的捐赠额已超过350亿美元。

amazon ceo jeff bezos holds the top spot on the bloomberg list with an estimated net worth of $125 billion. 亚马逊首席执行官杰夫•贝索斯在彭博富豪榜上仍位居首位,据估计其净资产达1250亿美元。


>disney slams claims by heiress 迪士尼员工是假装开心?

abigail disney, the heiress to the disney fortune, decided to tour california's disneyland incognito after receiving a facebook message from an employee who was struggling to make ends meet. 近日,迪士尼继承人阿比盖尔•迪士尼在收到一名在贫困线上挣扎的员工发来的脸书信息后,决定对加利福尼亚州的迪士尼乐园展开一次"卧底行动"。

every single one of these employees she talked to were saying, "i don't know how i can maintain this face of joy and warmth when i have to go home and forage for food in other people's garbage", she said. 阿比盖尔称,与她交谈的每位员工都在说:"当我回家后要在别人丢弃的垃圾中寻找食物时,我不知道该怎样让这张热情欢快的笑脸维持下去。"

since discovering the dire financial situations of the park's staff, she has publicly slapped down walt disney ceo bob iger whose eye-watering $66 million annual salary is 1,000 times bigger than the average employee. 在发现迪士尼员工糟糕的经济处境后,她公开抨击迪士尼首席执行官鲍勃•伊格尔,其年收入高达6600万美元,是该公司普通员工收入的1000倍。

the walt disney company blasted abigail disney in a statement on wednesday, accusing her of pulling a stunt that was "a gross and unfair exaggeration of the facts". 迪士尼17日发表声明驳斥阿比盖尔的说法,称她在制造"噱头"、"罔顾事实夸大其词"。

the company insists they pay their workers a living wage, and have numerous other employee benefits and incentives. 迪士尼坚称不仅向员工支付了足够维持生活的工资,还提供多种其他员工福利和奖励。

"at our parks in orlando and anaheim, the walt disney company currently pays its hourly workers an average of $19.5 an hour, significantly above the federal minimum wage," said the statement. 声明称:"在奥兰多和阿纳海姆园区,目前迪士尼临时工的平均时薪为19.5美元,远高于联邦最低工资标准。"


>china unveils health plan '健康中国'行动意见出台

the state council issued a guideline recently to implement the healthy china initiative, which encourages people to adopt healthier lifestyles and diets. 国务院日前印发"关于实施健康中国行动的意见",倡导更加健康的生活方式以及饮食习惯。

the guideline sets specific targets for reducing daily salt intake to less than five grams, cooking oil intake to between 25 and 30 grams and sugar intake to 25 grams by 2030. 意见明确提出以下目标:到2030年,人均每日盐摄入量不超过5克,食用油摄入量不超过25-30克,糖摄入量不超过25克。

the daily intake of fat for adults should be reduced to less than 32% of their total daily energy intake by 2022 and to no more than 30% by 2030, the guideline said. 到2022年和2030年,成人脂肪供能比下降到32%和30%以下。

people are encouraged to eat more than 500 grams of vegetables and 500 grams of fruits every day, and are advised to eat at least 12 different types of food daily and 25 types of food weekly, it said. 意见还提出,蔬菜和水果每日摄入量不应低于500克,每日摄入食物种类不少于12种,每周不少于25种。

the country will promote the establishment of a bankruptcy system for insolvent individuals in a step-by-step way. [photo/ic]

>personal bankruptcy mulled 个人破产制度有望试点

china has released its road map to build the personal bankruptcy system and the plan is expected to launch in some pilot areas in the second half of this year, ifeng.com reported wednesday. 据凤凰网17日报道,备受关注的个人破产制度路线图出炉,今年下半年有望在个别地区启动试点。

the country will take steps to build a comprehensive personal bankruptcy system by gradually promoting reasonable liability exemptions for an individual, when their consumer debt meets requirements, according to a plan released tuesday on the official website of the national development and reform commission. 国家发改委官网16日发布《加快完善市场主体退出制度改革方案》。《方案》提出:逐步推进建立自然人符合条件的消费负债可依法合理免责,最终建立全面的个人破产制度。

the focus of the much-anticipated personal bankruptcy system is to solve the problems of joint liability to guarantee debt caused by corporate bankruptcy. it has been clarified that an individual can reasonably be exempted from liability related to production and business activities due to guarantees and other reasons, according to the reform plan to accelerate the improvement of the market entity withdrawal system. 《方案》明确:研究建立个人破产制度,重点解决企业破产产生的自然人连带责任担保债务问题,自然人因担保等原因而承担与生产经营活动相关的负债可依法合理免责。

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